Finally a tick off my wish list🙂The coffee was smooth but slightly too sweet. Other than being a novelty, there was really nothing super fantastic. Temperature of the coffee was lurk warm, the quantity was little, the chocolate coating in the cone was too thick & sweet and the cone was not crispy. So, one try is enough. I still prefer my shiok Flat White 😜
Academics Breakfast ($25)
Pork bockwurst sausage that was slightly salty and I had to wrestle with the super tough & stubborn casing 😣Pio Tosini Prosciutto di Parma which was super thin & lovely to taste 😘Homemade baked beans that I skipped 😜Roasted baby potatoes and sunny side up egg 🥚Crispy toasted bread and refreshing seasonal garden greens
My Thursday brunch completed with coffee and dessert (cone)
☕️ #burpple