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Would say it's a pretty decent bowl of salad. However it's slightly pricey (can't afford to have this everyday sobs). What I love the most is their purple sweet potatoes - it has this creamy texture and it's sweet. It feels like I'm having a healthy ice cream 😂 Their kimchi are surprisingly good too, something I wouldn't expect since they are not even a Korean restaurant. Their cherry tomatoes are fresh and juicy (I guess that's why I love their food from my head TOMATOES!). I like their teriyaki chicken too - the sauce is not too overpowering and it goes really well with my chilled soba. For the dressing wise would recommend getting the peri peri or the pesto vinaigrette (and not the one with olive oil haha oops). Anyway their onsen egg is a little overcooked 😅 so you might wanna take note of that.