Haven’t been to TDC in a while - inflation definitely hit, the bowl has shrunk by at least 1/3? That aside, was pretty pleased with my selection: Cilantro Lime Quinoa (a nice base with a light citrusy tang), Baked Sweet Potato (yum! really very sweet), Herb-Crusted Dory Fillet (skip it, it’s meh), Eggplant w/ Garlic & Herb (alright but was a little dry), Sautéed Mushrooms (shimeiji was crunchy and delish!), Pomegranate Seeds (for a pop of flavour), and Pesto which is what I always go for, for that herby and bright flavour. I do prefer a thinner pesto tho, but their dressings are generally quite thick and creamy.

For my own reference, replacing the eggplant with fajita veg and dory with peri-peri chicken would be the most ideal combi! But I shall give the other options a try too.

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