Another one of 1989 Classic's famous mochi buns! Was a little unsure about this bun cuz it seems like some buns have mochi while some don't, even though they're labelled the exact same? Felt like Schrodinger's Cat when cutting this open, cuz will there be mochi? Will there be nothing? Thankfully mine had mochi in it, would have been disappointed if it didn't!

This bread is really like a mooncake-inspired bread! The purple crust thing is like a flaky skin that teochew mooncakes have, its really interesting. The yam filling kinda has a doughy taste imo? I didn't mind it but not my fav yam filling I've had. The salted egg and mochi are really nice! Bread is the dense and chewy kind.

Really interesting bread that is worth a try! Personally not that into their yam filling, but it's not bad and it's pretty generously filled. It's these kinds of unique buns that make me like 1989 Classic so much 😋

⭐ Rating: 7.8/10 schrodinger's mochis
🤑 worth the price: yes
🦖 would I buy again: probably not
💍 would I marry: eh

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