✨ Famous Vintage Bakery Cafe from Yeonnamdong, Seoul to Singapore’s Bali Lane ✨


💡: limited seats only on second floor, will have to take your own drinks and bakes up (careful!!!!) - not cheap 🥲
📍: 32 Bali Ln, Singapore 189868
💰 : ~$8+ for bakes, $7+ for drinks 
⭐️ : 3.5/5 (will go once)

Food —— tried their signature injeolmi cube ($8.30) which is pretty good which crispy outside and rich soya cream inside - there is two mochis on top 👍💯 Green Apple Ade ($7.50) is not worth … simply soda water with apple syrup - no garnish 🥲

Service —— no service, as it’s self-service concept hence no 10% service charge. 

Ambience —— nice vintage vibes especially on the first floor for the instagram really 📸 but not a place i will return or stay long hmm. weirdly, just not as comfortable on top and menu options are bit limited on the pricey side.