Matcha in Full Bloom featuring a spread of traditional Japanese sweets. This spread will definitely appeal to all the ladies out there with an emphasis on Matcha 🍵 , Sakura 🌸 and Strawberries 🍓 .
Matcha lovers can look forward to matcha yokan, matcha warabimochi, matcha dorayaki and matcha monaka. Unique to this season is also the sakura roll cake (with sakura petal flowers), sakura macaron, sakura mizu manju and a delicate daifuku with sakura leaf (foodgem’s favourite!). A tip to foodgem readers, goma ice-cream with delicious cookie crumble is available upon request and is a perfect end to the meal. .
All desserts are specially handmade by the restaurant chefs and you will find so matcha delight in them! .
Where to dine?
Lewin Terrace
23B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Thanks @berryandfigs for the review.

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