SO-BA-D! This soba comes with a D rating, and unsurprisingly tastes SO BA-D! The noodles were too hard too have it on it’s own. Yes, you could soften it with the broth from the bowl of piping hot duck meat and duck meatball soup but it’s way too salty after the soak. The duck meat was overcooked and therefore tasted tough. It was my first time tasting a really gamey duck too! Never had a duck leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure if it’s real duck meat or a quack! Pun intended. As for the duck meatballs, it’s no different in taste from minced pork balls. Perhaps they’re minced pork instead of duck meat since there was, thankfully, no gamey taste to the meatballs. Am pretty sure this isn’t worth $16++. Never coming back to this place again!

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