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All things oishii and kawaii from 🇯🇵
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks
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Had this beef bowl for a steal at just $15.00++! It’s part of the lunch time menu - value for money given the pretty substantial serving of beef and generous douse of truffle! The rice was speckled w black truffle bits and every mouthful was rich with truffle fragrance. Watch the runny yolk ooze out of the onsen egg, and how it drowns the truffle-infused rice. Each mouthful was incredibly satisfying. The gyu don comes with mini garlic chips which adds crunch to each bite too! ‘Taste of garlic is not distinct tho - masked by the really really aromatic truffle!

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Incredibly fresh sushi treats with perfect ratio of rice:fish! Not really a fan of rice of any form and would prefer sashimi to sushi. But the lil’ rice balls were well flavoured and goes really well w the fresh fishes 🐟 particular love the Uni sushi - the Chef opens up his trove of Uni, picks one up and makes the sushi before your eyes.


Interesting concept of Japanese curry with different broth base (you get to select between seafood, tomato etc, can’t quite recall all the different soup bases) and thereafter, the level of spiciness you’d like. The place doesn’t offer every single level of spice each day, however, different spice levels in each range (mild, spicy and Super spicy?) are available for choice. Note: Surcharge applies for extra extra extra hot option.

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Grilled scallop on pasta-like soup, living up to the name of Italian-Jap Fusion!

Asian fusion version of pork cutlet? Very juicy and tender, crispy on the outside!

This 🧀 tart wins BAKE’s rendition hands down. The Japanese are exceptionally good in their desserts - right level of creaminess, fluffiness to the filling and sturdy yet soft tart base. It’s still very “well-maintained” and delectable, having survived a plane ride from Tokyo to Singapore! According to the boyfriend who surprised me with this, he protected this with all his life, and the help of a cooler bag ^^. Skills required to prevent Pablo from shifting around in the plane’s cabin storage tho!

This is how it looks like when you slice it! Cheesy stream oozing out and looking sinfully good. The hamburg comes in full doneness but it’s exceptionally juicy and flavoured. A typical set comes with soup, rice and sides. Diners also get to enjoy free flow salad bar! ‘Included in the “salad” bar are -eggs (tamago, sunny side up and scrambled eggs), wakame, coffee jelly and many other non-veggie selections!

Nicely grilled unagi with tamago eggs - delicious! Nothing can quite go wrong with fresh unagi grilled with sweet sauce right? Hms. Not very sure about the trade off for this bowl of eel and the long queue cos other renditions are pretty good too. Perhaps the live views of the grilling process is the selling point?

Huge-ass chirashi v seasoned and flavoured with nori, sesame seeds and generous servings of salmon and tuna. Definitely is one of the highlights at the Japanese buffet section!

$28, steep but worth it!!! Kinki’s version came served on pizza dough, topped with mayo, squid and seafood, loadsa sauce + tobiko flakes!!! So so so delicious. The fusion combi is perfect!

$29, steep but you lay for the quality of the food! Definitely one of the best makis around! ☺️

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