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Oishilicious sushi, okos, takos, ramen etc etc Dons are not in this list - I’ve a special list curated for the dondons!! Check ‘em out in my profile
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

SO-BA-D! This soba comes with a D rating, and unsurprisingly tastes SO BA-D! The noodles were too hard too have it on it’s own. Yes, you could soften it with the broth from the bowl of piping hot duck meat and duck meatball soup but it’s way too salty after the soak. The duck meat was overcooked and therefore tasted tough. It was my first time tasting a really gamey duck too! Never had a duck leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure if it’s real duck meat or a quack! Pun intended. As for the duck meatballs, it’s no different in taste from minced pork balls. Perhaps they’re minced pork instead of duck meat since there was, thankfully, no gamey taste to the meatballs. Am pretty sure this isn’t worth $16++. Never coming back to this place again!

Great appetiser with silk smooth whitebait & tofu, topped with tobiko flakes!

Can’t quite recall the paste above the sushi but it’s just another great sushi!

Comes with the Omakase lunch. Rice-to-fish ratio is perfect 👌

Ended off the meal with a small portion of udon with really clear broth and great seaweed. However, as clear as the broth was, it clearly didn’t stand out amongst the fresh sushi and sashimi which were stomached before this!

Part of the Omakase lunch set, this sashhhhhimi shushed 🤫 me up. Just food, no talk.

Perfect fish-to-rice ratio. Here, you get authentic (tho expensive) sushi where the carbs are kept minimal

The Chef picked up his trove of Uni and moulded the sushi right before our eyes. We were awed. Then this lil’ beauty was presented and thereafter savoured, the freshness of it all blew us away!!

Do not be fooled! I’d rather expected salad with seaweed tempura (just like those from Aji Ichiban) but no, it’s simply seaweed shreds - as pictured above) The simple salad-to-share was mixed with sesame seeds and loads of green and red lettuce. It stood out w the sweet-sourish and therefore appetite-whetting Apple vinaigrette sauce. A good starter to ready your tummy for the outstanding dons at this hole-in-the-wall hideout and also a good palate cleanser from the “heavily” gratifying mouthful of truffle beef don in the midst of lunch!

It...doesnt taste as look as it good! The aesthetics of the takos certainly created much hype. Kudos to the team for the great marketing in luring customers to part with their $$$ on the expensive takos. At 6 Mentaiko takos for $5, this isn’t cheap! (Do not be fooled! Banner shows 8 but you’re getting only 6) The plain ones are sold at 6 for $3. I’d say, the top-up is not worth it given the tako balls were a fail to begin with. Surprise surprise, the tako balls came with hotdogs instead of the usual 🐙. And no, there wasn’t a disclaimer anywhere at the kiosk indicating squidless takos. In terms of texture and taste, it’s a fail for the balls already. The Mentaiko sauce was pretty normal and not particularly “outstanding”. Ouch for the money spent! 💸 Little wonder why they’re surviving as pop-up stalls everywhere (official store in Yishun where they originally started out selling churros has since been closed for good) For sure, I’ll never patronise again!

Modern fusion sandwich which they term it as the “breadless” sandwich. Not extraordinary in terms of my opinion, tho decently filled with salmon, lettuce and avocado + some salmon roe sauce. It’s served with an option of 4 dipping sauces - wasabi-yuzu, garlic miso, red pepper, yuzu-olive. Featured here is the wasabi yuzu dip! $8++ for 1 roll (as pictured) and twice the price for double rolls. Noted from some tables that it’s served as an appetizer, rather than a main. I guess that’s a pretty good “appetizer” to share for big eaters, given the mains are not exceptionally huge in portions.

With my chubby cheeks, I chew like a hamster 🐹 Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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