Had a little chat with the owner and turns out all of his miso are special blends. Particularly, the spicy miso and the secret miso are two completely different blends with different tastes, and not just putting some kind of chili into the miso soup like some places. Given that they are called kokoro, it's no surprise you can appreciate the chef's heart and soul from the first sip of the soup. A thick broth that even a tonkotsu lover like myself find hard to finish(though it's partially because of the heat), even at medium spiciness there's a significant amount of heat which results in a rather familiar, Singaporean flavour. The noodles were straight and on the softer side which I love, and the plump kernels of corn lend textural contrast and sweetness to the dish. While the charsiu isn't very tender, it's very fatty and not tough, which combined with the thin cut makes it a marvellous meaty bite. Kudos to such a unique kind of charsiu. Overall for 12nett it's definitely worth a try