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Had the alternative experience 7-course dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It was really worth it with the burpple beyond offer.

Dishes included:
1 & 2) savoury tart with truffle mascarpone and aged air-dried beef / beef consommé / financier with duck fat and foie gras mousse
3) short ribs and potato pave
4) beef char siew and kale
5) beef “bak kwa” sandwich with emmental cheese
6) wagyu tri-tip
7) pistachio tart with sour cherry and meringue

Overall, fat belly takes pride in introducing the less popular cuts of beef, which also means you shouldn’t expect the melt in your mouth fine quality of meat( tri-tip was a tad chewy but also due to the muscles in the cut).
However, they do take it to their innovation and using these cuts to create alternative dishes like bak kwa and charsiew. (The bak kwa sandwich was simple but really a delectable indulgence.) The details in each dish were very nice thought out, with sides also being equally outstanding as the main ingredient. Dessert left us pretty impressed with the smoothness of the pistachio tart and the really light and not too sweet meringues.