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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Maru Japanese Restaurant, Porta, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Umi Nami, Matchaya (The Cathay), Aura, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Tom's Palette, Tempura Tenten
Hay You
Hay You

Perhaps I had too high expectations l but i found the place disappointing especially after reading the glowing reviews. Beef was tender and tasty, egg was well cooked. Food was not bad but for its price ($14.90++), it wasn’t worth it. Portions were really really small. Im not a big eater but after eating here, I was still hungry.
Staff was polite and nice though there was this one guy cutting his nails at the counter, right next to the cakes which is rather shocking.

Even with Burpple 1 for 1, I feel that its not very worth it for its price to portion size ratio. Wouldn’t return.

We used the Burpple 1-4-1 offer for this and it was more than worth it!
Ordered the pork sisig and Spanish chicken stew. Both were really an explosion of flavour but you need to get them with rice which is a separate order. Otherwise on its own, it can get a tad too salty. Wished that the chicken stew had more chicken than chorizo though.
There’s a live band performance too and the whole setting is just a really friendly, warm family environment which is really nice. Would go back to try more of their dishes.

Dined here with a large group and the food was not too bad and interesting. There were 10 of us and after utilizing 4 deals, we paid an average of $16 each including appetizers and small bites, which was quite affordable. High recommend the fried pork belly small bites. Crab meat fried rice was not bad for me but I do think the crab meat could be better served warm and I look forward to trying the other dishes next time!

Was a bit apprehensive reading the reviews on google but it was quite a pleasant dining experience for us! This was $19 in total after using burpple beyond. Wasn’t very cheap but quite value for money. Broth for both bowls was thick and savory and noodles were al dente. I personally liked the spicy one because it had a good kick.

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Used to have 1 for 1 for the scones which is why we came here but they seem to have removed it. Now it’s only 1 for 1 drinks. $5.80 for a tea latte which is decent but not fantastic. A little bland to me. Probably wont return.

Enjoyed this meal with burpple beyond 1 for 1 and it was really worth it considering the premium ingredients used such as uni, oysters, sashimi and wagyu beef. Food-wise, we were not very wowed by it and felt that there were too many fried items (what a waste to deep fry unagi and grilled cod was a bit too dry for our liking). However, we really enjoyed the hotate foie-gras and sashimi and I think those dishes were our favourite. The level of service provided was exceptional and we really appreciated how smiley and friendly the servers were despite the Friday night crowd. They made the dining experience extremely pleasant and we enjoyed our dinner there because of them. In summary, not a cheap dinner but it is value for money and if the servers maintain this level of standard, it will be worth spending an evening there with your friends. :)


We were very happy with the value of the dons here using burpple 1 for 1. Price range with this deal is between $6.50-$12 per pax depending on what you choose with no additional GST or service charge #saywhutttttt 🤯 Have eaten here on 2 occasions already and both experiences were equally pleasant. Aburi scallop and salmon don was very delicious and portion was really quite good for a lunch set. Complimentary cold water is also avail with self-service which is a plus point. Nice muji dining setting with good aircon especially during lunch hours. Highly recommend this place!

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Pretty mediocre food in rather small portions. Had to make the pasta tastier with chilli flakes. Only worth it with 1 for 1 beyond. If you are a huge eater, I would strongly recommend getting the pizza because that’s about the most decent tasting and bigger sized dish there.


Abit pricey at $11.90 but definitely worth it with beyond. As expected of Matchaya, they excel with all things green tea. The matcha had a rich taste with a lingering sweetness. Rice krispies were crispy and complimented the smooth soft serve. Mochi was soft and melty and definitely something to crave.

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Broth was tasty though nothing to shout about. Decent for a quick simple meal but I wouldnt make the trip here to eat this. Do note that only orders below $12 are valid for burpple beyond

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Unique flavour which is surprisingly good. An interesting balance between savoury and sweet. A must try!

Another great 1-for-1 deal with beyond! (Considering pastamania is around the same price)

Unami prawn pasta was pretty tasty with the bonito flakes and tobiko and prawns were succulent and fresh. However, the taste was elevated ten times more when we requested for chilli flakes.

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Hay You

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