Great place to get your leicha fix when you’re in need of a little more health 🥦🥬🥒 Pictured is the small portion, which is definitely enough for even a big eater! Really like their toppings here with the huge variety and they complemented each other well! (even tho no ikan bilis or hebi) Especially liked the chye poh that added a really nice crunch! Not sure if I diluted the tea too much on my own, but would have preferred a stronger taste though this is very beginner-friendly and really liked that basil-mint tinge to it. Also, they had an option of brown rice or beehoon (which is pretty rare), but I guess one level up would be offering other yam/pumpkin rice etc. The perpetual long queue speaks for itself and one of the must-tries here at Bukit Timah Food Centre!