@amagerbryghus has been on a crusade to conquer my money for years, and this half pint of tawny port barrel aged Livonian Crusade stout is their latest campaign on my already nearly dead wallet. They’ve allied with @soribrewing from Estonia for this assault, and yes, I can confirm that my wallet has been conquered, and my bank account is in ruins.⠀

It’s a delightfully smooth stout with pleasantly low carbonation, with all the prerequisite stout elements of roasted coffee & malts, dark chocolate, and caramel. However, due to this imperial stout sitting in tawny port wine barrels for an undisclosed amount of time, it has picked up a few tricks from the former occupant of the barrel.⠀

The Livonian Crusade is quite light and somewhat vinous for a stout, and there’s a deeply intriguing tart cherry flavour from the tawny port, as well as the expected oakiness from the barrel. It’s rounded out by the sweetness & fruit forwardness of the port wine, and the finish is long, languid and warming.⠀

With imperial stout this good, it’s no wonder that Amager’s crusade has conquered all in its path.