Not sure if its the fact that I am turning 21 this year, but a lot of my tastebuds are changing. I have NEVER liked anything salted egg, much less in a cake.

Imagined my surprise when I tasted this cake, it literally blew my mind away. It was levels better than the Earl Grey one. The texture of the cake was chiffon-like, a little dense but light enough for the palate. Salted egg flavour was strong and fragrant, with the middle portion of the cake oozing yellow goodness. I could also taste the black sesame so kudos to the 2 elements not overpowering each other.

Two words: Mind Blown

P.S. i was the 1st person to grab a slice. Hence the lack of a full cake for this picture. The very kind lady staff allowed me to snap pictures of the cake when she brought it out to the table to snap pics too (for their insta and FB page hehe)