Came by after a heads up from a friend who is also a fan of yogurt drinks! Moo Moo’s flavours are pretty unique, flavours like Creamy Taro Yogurt ($4.90), Red Dates with Walnut Yogurt ($5.90), Pistachio with Walnut Yogurt ($5.90) and even a whole matcha series. Not sure when the promotion is till, but they had one for one for purchase of same flavours! Decided on this mango pomelo sago cup since I was just craving for the dessert a few days back. The yogurt wasn’t as tangy as I’d like, but it was still a nice cup that wasn’t too sweet - was creamy, smooth and not the icy sort. Consistency was somewhere in between, not too watery and not too thick. The cup also had a generous portion of mango and pomelo bits!

📍Moo Moo Yogurt 小牛酸奶
AMK Hub B2-17

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