Who else always get cravings for chicken chop when at hawker centre? I always get such cravings😂🤣

Decided to give this western stall - Yuan Xiang Western Food 01-67 a try! Got the chicken chop which was priced at $7. Comes with the usual fixed sides such as fries, salad, baked beans and toasted bun.

At the first bite of the chicken chop, i got the taste of lamb and i really do not like the taste/smell of lamb!🤢 most likely the order before mine was a lamb chop. Lol made a mental note to myself to never order from a western stall ever again if they sell lamb chop 😂

Luckily there were still some parts of the chicken meat on the other side that did not have a strong lamb taste.

Thought the amount of fried given was quite little too?

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