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Under the new DYOB system at Toss & Turn, you can get 1 base (mix up to 2), 1 protein, 4 toppings and 1 dressing at a base price of $11.

What’s in this bowl ($11.50):
- Base: Baby Spinach, Quinoa (+$0.50)
- Protein: Spicy Chicken
- Toppings: Hard boiled egg, sous vide egg, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms
- Dressing: Caesar

Quantity of food given tends to be quite inconsistent and varies according to which server you get. Some servers don’t even bother asking what bases you want, and automatically start scooping a certain veg for you. Anyway, the variety of bases here on a good day are great - I like that you can choose quinoa at an additional cost of only $0.50, as it usually costs more in other salad or grain bowl joints. First time trying the sous vide egg here, and it’s cooked perfectly plus cracked well. Think golden flowy yolk, yums. The mushrooms are well seasoned and add an earthy yet savoury taste to the bowl.

The change in Toss&Turn’s DYOB system doesn’t affect me much, except that now I get a smaller variety of protein in my bowl, but overall it works out for me getting a cheaper bowl of goodness. Unfortunately, the meatless Monday discount sign is apparently missing, so I wonder if it’s been removed permanently.