Expected not to be treated with good customer service and politeness when you deal with the staff who taking orders. Been told to wait 30 mins till it ready the satay is ready.

This was my first time visited Haig Food Center, apparently the hawker seems divided by halal & non halal food row & seating area section. The malay satay stall doesn’t want to deliver your satay if you sit on non-halal food section. The cleaner doesn’t want to clean the tray of halal food if you’re sitting on non-halal sitting area. What a mess, given the Haig food center was totally crowded on weekend. Uncleaned trays & leftover food was left on the table because the cleaner is picky.

When it reached 30 mins I came to pick up my satay, and the staff wasn’t so happy as the satay has been ready for quite a while perhaps. Saw he also rude to one lady who’s going to place satay order.

Now, let’s judge the satay quality itself. I would say the meat was hard. All of three, beef, mutton and chicken. The peanut gravy was in orangey colour and just taste sweet with peanuts tiny chunks inside. I don’t know why this stall if famous for 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even infamous satay stall at Geylang Bahru Food Center near my house taste better.

Verdict: overrated satay stall in most of food guides online.

Satay: 6.5/10

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