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Unfortunately mains are only served till 5 nov, with the remaining 2 days retailing furnitures and brewing some cuppa ☕️. The smoked duck carbonara comprised of spaghetti tossed in a creamy sauce, along with copious chunks of smoked duck chopped into cubes , sliced mushrooms, topped with a raw yolk and sprinkled with garnishes of Parmesan flakes. Despite being a cream based pasta, the carbonara here was surprisingly not too overwhelming, with a substantial thick, creamy sauce that I felt would be manageable by one pax for consumption. The spaghetti was done to a slight al dente consistency, providing a pleasant firmness to the bite. The tender smoked duck slices were chopped into tiny little cubes which provided easier consumption. Along with chewy sliced mushrooms that added a subtle earthy note, the pasta was decent yet enjoyable with a good balance of noodles:ingredients as well as a suitable intensity of creaminess. .
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