I had a Tempura Kake Soba (a slight change from the pre-set menu) because I was craving for something hot and soupy, and yes, it didn't disappoint.
Using a mixture of buckwheat flour imported from Yamanashi, Tochigi and Hokkaido, the soba here is made daily at the shop. It had a good texture, though I would have preferred a slightly (even) firmer bite, and it was surprisingly light on the palate. The Kansai-style MSG-free dashi broth was also another highlight of the dish with its smooth yet bold flavour. There were also some orange peels on top that gave a good refreshing addition to the broth.
The tempura itself was pretty good with my favourite being the juicy chicken and pumpkin. I found the oyster mushroom tempura to be rather "annoying" for it was quite difficult to find the right way to bite it. But aside of that trivial complaint of mine, the tempura was enjoyable with very very little trace of oil and I really enjoyed dipping the tempura into the dashi broth as well.
I would definitely love to try their other dishes here and I think, they have set quite a high standard for other soba shops in town.