NINJAAAA! This cafe was so small, and it was located at the corner of the building I almost missed it! Ordered the highly raved Genki ($16) + Ninja Rice ($2), which consisted of Yaki Unagi, Roasted Pumpkin, Beansprouts, Onsen Egg and Pickled Beets. Really liked how the Unagi was cooked, so soft and perfect! The combination of all ingredients made this rice bowl exceptionally tasty. Didn't know I had to add $2 for the rice though, it should just be included with everything else!
I also ordered the Poutine ($14), which was Shoestring Fries, Melted Cheese, and Beef Chunks. So unhealthy but ahh I couldn't resist! The melted cheese made the whole thing taste very much like a pizza, and the beef chunks were shredded decently. However, I didn't like how the plate was filled with oil and made some of the fries very soggy and oily. I hope this improves!