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Nicole Wee
Nicole Wee

NINJAAAA! This cafe was so small, and it was located at the corner of the building I almost missed it! Ordered the highly raved Genki ($16) + Ninja Rice ($2), which consisted of Yaki Unagi, Roasted Pumpkin, Beansprouts, Onsen Egg and Pickled Beets. Really liked how the Unagi was cooked, so soft and perfect! The combination of all ingredients made this rice bowl exceptionally tasty. Didn't know I had to add $2 for the rice though, it should just be included with everything else!
I also ordered the Poutine ($14), which was Shoestring Fries, Melted Cheese, and Beef Chunks. So unhealthy but ahh I couldn't resist! The melted cheese made the whole thing taste very much like a pizza, and the beef chunks were shredded decently. However, I didn't like how the plate was filled with oil and made some of the fries very soggy and oily. I hope this improves!

I was craving some salmon, and decided to get the Salmon Bowl from Grilllo ($12.90). It had two pieces of Salmon on skewer sticks, which scraped off very easily and were perfectly moist. A drizzle of lemon made the dish have more zest! I thought I was going to get brown rice though (from the menu it looked like brown rice), and was a little disappointed when I got white rice. I hope they serve brown rice the next time I visit
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Read my full review on the other food I ordered including coffee from @sarniescoffee & soft serve from @cocowhipsg, which aren't in this picture!


NEWLY OPENED! this place only opened recently and i am so excited because this cafe is only one minute's walk from my house! i liked the ambience of the place, it had the chilled, relaxed kind of feel. the Poached Salmon ($20) caught my eye while i was looking through the menu, probably because i was craving for it! the salmon was not fully cooked, and it was more raw than cooked. i didn't mind, of course. i was able to peel off the flesh easily! combining it with the sweet onion salad and cous cous with raisins, it had a good mix of flavour which made me very pleased. i'm quite sad i didn't manage to try their desserts, apparently they are pretty decent! the waiting time was a little long, food a little pricey, and the menu selection was pretty limited but i heard they are going to add on more variety, just not sure when. can't wait though!

in this photo also includes the Duck Confit Pasta ($19), Short Rib Ragu Pasta ($22) and Butternut Pasta ($17).

burgers in a hipster kopitiam! had the Captain Hook ($22) which was the cod fish burger. i liked the dressing of the fish. there was a bone in the fish which i was a little disappointed about but it's okay, the generous portion of cod fish made up for it πŸ‘πŸΌ we also had the Nutella Cheesecake Milkshake which was not in the menu. it was sweet and it was a great way to end the meal but it tasted more like cookies & cream which was perfectly fine with me too 😍
in this picture also included the Ripper's Classic ($16). thanks for the food invite @jack_the_ripper_burger !


back here again at Curious Palette! today for brunch i had the Pan Seared Salmon ($18.90). a little pricey but it was worth it. i really liked the dressing of the salmon, and when topped off with a squeeze of lemon juice, it tasted perfect. salmon was very well cooked, fish was moist and had a crisp skin. the guacamole paired the salmon superbly, i wish more places would put these two together! i was very happy with my lunch. Curious Palette never fails to satisfy me! 😍

in this picture also included Smoked Duck Salad ($15.50).


happy valentines! πŸ’“ hope you spent your day with your loved ones! for dinner today, we decided to drop by here. i had the Pulled Pork Burger ($12.90). the bun was a little plain, but the pulled pork was drenched with sauce which made it less dry, and more yummy. 😍 it's hard to find cafes with a wide selection of food, but Refuel has done it, not forgetting the fact that it's rather price friendly! lots of glass to allow light to enter, but when it's dark outside, the lighting inside should be improved!
in this picture also includes the Salted Caramel Waffle ($9.90) and the Bacon Aglio ($11.90).

in support of Save-A-Stranger
dine at @strangersreu & @curiouspalette for a good cause every Tuesday, and help save a life! all proceeds on Tuesday sales would go to supporting Sebastian, the head chef of Strangers Reunion who was diagnosed with 4 different kinds of cancer, through his treatments. eating good food and supporting the cause at the same time, why not? #SaveAStranger

i was overwhelmed by how crowded the cafe was and i was so happy that so many people came here to support the cause. i felt great after finishing my meal because i knew all sales would go towards supporting Sebastian through his treatments. i wish to spread this message for more people to patronise the two cafes for a good cause. with the huge amount of support on the first day (today), i'm sure the goal would be reached sooner than expected 😊

we decided to get the Pulled Pork on Sourdough [$18.90], and the Banana Brulee & Wild Berries Compote Buttermilk Waffle [$13.50]. the Pulled Pork was absolutely lovely, it was cooked perfectly and was juicy. yum! Buttermilk waffles, as always, taste heavenly. the Banana Brulee was burnt to its finest and went along very well with the Wild Berries Compote, Buttermilk waffle, and vanilla ice cream, leaving my sweet tooth satisfied. don't worry, i'll be back to try the highly raved Berry Ricotta Hotcake! this place also has natural lighting, great for the perfect instagram picture!

once again, don't forget to check out @strangersreu & @curiouspalette to know the full story, and also head down to their cafes to dine for a good cause! i did, and so should you! πŸ˜‰


we're back too soon!! we came back for lunch, and we had the Teriyaki Chix Flatbread [$11.90] & the Bulbous Oriental Spaghetti [$12.90]. to end the meal off we thought of trying another jar tart, which was the Strawberry Short Tart [$6.80]. i really loved the idea of the spaghetti in a jar because it's so creative and yet very photogenic. it consisted of smoked duck and crunchy fish roe on top of spaghetti tossed in olive oil and garlic, also known as Aglio Olio. these are a few of my favourite things~ loved it so so much.
the flatbread was like an indian roti prata, which had the perfect crisp. the mayonnaise gave the teriyaki chicken more flavour, and when every part of the flatbread was in my mouth, i couldn't resist having another bite.
sweet things always end the meal well, and the strawberry short tart did its job. like the jar tart i ate before, this one also has the biscuit crumbs i absolutely love! together with the strawberries, my mouth was pleased with many flavours. they have so many types of "mud" tarts and jar tarts, i would love to try all of them! looking forward to coming back again. thanks again fart tartz for having me!


(not the best photo but oh well!) today, we ordered Karubi Beef & Harami Beef [$9], accompanied with Garlic Fried Rice [$4]. though the portion of both beefs weren't much, it filled me up anyway together with the rice. so if you have a big appetite, i recommend not ordering this portion.
i loved the seasoning for both beefs, and they were both so succulent and juicy mmm.. i also loved their Garlic Fried Rice! i finished it till the last grain. absolutely loved today's lunch, and i would love to come back again!
also, this place had remarkable service! πŸ‘πŸΌ


I wasn't convinced by the staff that this dish was just the right portion for one person, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I ordered the Pork Katsu dish ($13), spice level 1.

Even with spice level 1, it was still pretty spicy! The portion was actually just right, even though it was served in a huge plate. I managed to finish everything by myself! The crispiness of the pork was just right. However, the pork had the fatty part in it. Usually when I eat pork tenderloin or katsu, the fatty part is always removed. But this one didn't. The curry wasn't that thick also.

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Alexandra Central should have more places to eat with so many places available for rent! Today we ate Chicken Meatballs Baked Pasta ($15.90) & Baby Back Ribs ($21.80). The pasta tasted good with lots of garlic because I love them. Ribs were tender and the sauce made it really delicious! Won't come back here for these though.. Oh and also, I saw a few foodies like myself sitting at the opposite table!


TGIF! My mum and I decided to have a Shabu Shabu lunch, and found that Suki-Ya had a lunch special of $14.90++ (U.P. $18.90++), & $12.90++ for students!

I love the meats here, especially the beef. It's so tender, you won't be able to resist only one plate of it. I also LOVE the sukiyaki soup base (right), it has a sweet yet salty flavour, leaving my tastebuds very satisfied. After the meats and all were cooked in the soup, it was even tastier! I would come back here any day! (Note to everyone especially myself: Don't overestimate your stomach capacity!)

Food enthusiast πŸ’“

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