As the title mentions, I saw Omakase in the best 12 burpple list earlier, so when I and the family were shopping in Orchard and we passed by Omakase, we decided to try it and see if it's up to its reputation. We got different ones, for muself the Double Omakase original (medium well), single original, kids cheeseburger, and Deluxe for the rest. For the sides we went with different options, normal fries, cheese fries and onion rings. The short verdict, it was good but didn't give me the sensation of a "Best" list. The patties were juicy but the bun got soggy quickly, which didn't leave a good feeling by the last few bites, and the fries were more on the crisp with few that had a good fluffiness to them. That being said, the cheese fries were delicious, and we ended up racing to finish it šŸ˜…. We averaged $23 pax which isn't bad for a burger with fries and drinks.