With all my friends raving about Omote to me, I finally made my way over to give it a try.

I ordered the Umami Soy Chirashi ($19.80) which may look like a small bowl, but is packed full of seafood ingredients under a bed of lovely well marinated rice. From salmon to tuna to octopus, all chopped sashimi were very quite thick, fresh and all drenched in the umami soya sauce. The sauce is very flavourful and is both sweet and savoury. To be honest, as much as the sauce was great, I wished I had ordered it without as the strong flavours might have overpowered the fresh seafood taste of the lovely ingredients. Nonetheless, it was still an extremely enjoyable bowl and I wiped it clean.

I also added on the premium set ($8.80) which came with a plethora of dishes from chawamushi to salmon sashimi to various appetisers. All were well executed, and I was really spoilt for choice on what my next bite should be.

Another worthy mention really got to be their soya sauce on the table. It is thicker than the usual ones, and I love how the umami from the sauce is intensified but yet less salty compared to the commercial ones. Pairing this with their classic Chirashi Don would be the perfect meal.

Absolutely lovely meal. A good place to treat yourself!