& Ms.
My weakness to food. Platters, variety, health stuff, pancakes, and miniatures.
Pancakes were so fluffy and the caramelised banana was great too! Although I wish I could have a second helping of pancakes.
Muesli and fruits with milk. Great for a healthy breakfast. I love it when my cereals get soggy. So I left the muesli soaking in the milk for a while and have it after. So good!
Fruits and yogurt was simple. Apples and blueberries. But I think they should be more generous with the yogurt. Just a teaspoon is not worth it 😒 Overall, it's great for a light breakfast. Or dessert in my sense because I had a huge lunch prior to this. 😁 I wish this place wasn't so far from me or else I can visit here often. I would love to try other dishes!
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 19.90 - I'm half and half on this. Price isn't too bad because of the variety. But it's also quite high for such small portions. Unless you're willing, I quite love this and don't mind paying for all the varieties!)