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Cosy resto/bar along Amoy street specializing in seafood centric dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavors.

Freshly toasted pide with dips - tzatziki, hummus, baba ganoush. Loveeee the hummus!! It is super rich, dense and flavorful. More on the gritty side, where you can taste chunks of chick pea in there.

The tzatziki is a yoghurt based dip, it is very refreshing with a nice crunch from the chopped cucumbers. I like that dill is used here!

Baba ganoush, this has a pretty intense flavor but it’s hard to detect the egg plant i must say. Prob my least fav dip of the lot but it’s still good!

They are so generous with the dips, you probably need a second serving of the pide at $3! I love how airy and light the pides are!