Iberico pork was very succulent (albeit salty) and
the calamari was light and crispy. We initially
dropped by for the 1 for 1 4-course deal (3-course + dessert) going for $79. However, we went for the 3-course set instead as it costs $29.80 per person. That would mean saving $20 for 2 desserts which we weren't willing to pay for.

When we first entered, the young service staff asked “sparkling or still (water)?" we assumed if we said ‘still' they would provide tap water - WRONG LOL. They brought over a $6 Acqua Panna (before GST and service charge) and cracked it open before we could stop her. Since the service staff was young and that it was also our mistake to assume, we let it go.

We thought things were going well after our still
water crisis but things took a turn when they
brought out tater tots aka burger king hash-browns. Turns out 'Truffles Pommes Noisettes', one of the options for sides on the set menu, meant reheated tater tots with truffle oil (see pic).

Needless to say, I'm not quite sure whether l'd
visit again especially if I’m sleepy or mildly drunk. STAY ALERT.