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This cake looked so delicate and pretty, I couldn't resist ordering one. Also, had heard some pretty not bad reviews so i thought, why not?

But oh no, I really regretted my decision😪 The first mouthful had me kind of impressed by the distinct notes of lychee, but that happiness was short-lived because of the lingering aftertaste which was not so pleasant, reminding me of canned lychees and sort of artifical. Found the flavours pretty off balance as the cake tasted a far cry from a cheesecake. I guess the only good point of this was the bits of lychee flesh hidden within the cake which provided a nice contrast in terms of texture to the otherwise soft cake.

Shared the cake between a friend and the 2 of us could barely bring ourselves to finish the cake because the more we ate, the more apparent our dislike for the cake became. Guess its only pretty to take pictures and look at 🙁