We tried the duck confit hash at Knockhouse Cafe again! The dish comprises a potato rosti, topped with shredded duck confit and two poached eggs! Hollandaise sauce is served at the side to pair with the duck confit and poached eggs! Compared to the previous time we visited, Knockhouse cafe has altered their Hollandaise sauce slightly and it is now lighter and a lot less buttery/flavourful than before. :(

As usual, while the rosti was served hot and crispy (which we really loved), the shredded duck confit was really tough and dry. It might have been overcooked a little, just as it was in our previous visit. Furthermore, the poached eggs were rather tasteless this time round and it does not help that the hollandaise sauce is lighter and less gao than before!

The dish is priced at $20.90++, which is a little expensive given that the dish was a little disappointing. Nonetheless, Knockhouse Cafe has great vibes for you to have a nice chat with friends, although there is a dine-in time limit as the cafe gets pretty crowded later in the day!

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