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I know I know, I am quite into visiting various Chateraise outlets but the Sengkang outlet deserves a mention because of the large seating space that allows for dine-in of cakes and a whole separate menu of beverages, parfaits, jelly on ice and shiratama zenzai to choose from — that's a lot of additional stuff that other outlets don't seem to carry!

At just $5.80, one can easily say that Chateraise's Affogato is one of the most generous in portion around — two scoops of Vanilla ice-cream alongside fresh Hokkaido Cream and a full cup of Matcha in an espresso-sized cup. While the overall concoction was decent with the intense bitter aroma of the Matcha, the Vanilla ice-cream had a few icy bits around that made the texture less consistent. Overall still decent though, and a rather big portion considering the price.

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