I bought the sweet potato and yam buns, and I am very, very happy with both.
Buns were soft, fluffy and had good elasticity while the filling was so generous that it threatened to spill out of the bun when I sliced it in half. It's not often you find something both the young and old will like- in addition to it being colourful (so picture worthy for young folks), the older generation will be heartened to know that the buns are naturally coloured- in this case green tea for green and charcoal for black.
If you're having it there, definitely ask for the hot ones by the counter- it'll make a world of difference! If you're taking it away, the guy said it's good stored in the chiller up to 3 days & steamed for 10 minutes. I can attest to that- I had them on the very third day because I like to test my limits, jk.

😅 wah fearless daredevil!
Muriel A HAHAHHAA i like to live on the dangerous side ;)