"Elegance is inferior to virtue."- Mary Shelley
The Western Australia has always been blessed with incredible Maritime climate and weather along with it's picturesque views of the ocean that makes it the ideal place to craft a Bordeaux Blend varietal wines!
The Bartondale Cabernet Sauvignon is a rare find in it's style as the winemaker of Churchview took the inspiration from the famous Bordeaux Blend which is the most sought after style as its gives the wine a full bodied finish alongside some medium range acidity accompanied by the dark chocolates and dark fruits be it ripe and juicy or sun dried and intense and with time in the barrel aging will help the wine to evolve into a wine that is bursting with elegance, roasted coffee aromas, violet, leathery notes and sweet baking spices! It's a fantastic wine to go along with roasts or red meats! #afoodiesaffair #sommelier #australianwines #margaretriverwine #bordeauxblend #burpple