KL Restaurants

KL Restaurants

Featuring Ben's (Suria KLCC), The Press Room Bistro, Naj & Belle (SS15), Salon Du Chocolat, Acme Bar & Coffee (Bangsar), Pinch, Cafe De Paris, BEAST (The Intermark), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (NU Sentral), Restoran Peng Hwa 檳华潮州粥
Kate Mun Yi
Kate Mun Yi

Noodles has always been the magical food that brings us joy in every slurp! In the ever populated foodie destination of KL; Pavilion there lies a newbie in town called Ho Min San.. This is a noodles restaurant that features a wide variation of noodles interpretation from all regions of China and even the Shanghainese version of pork dumplings! Yes you heard me right; this place is non-halal so there’s oodles of pork in their food and options of toppings featured on their menu.. I tried their Pork Noodles with signature broth (RM16) which is actually from their special option of create your own noodles with 2 toppings! Here you are given a QR code to place the food order via your phone.. Then it only requires a short wait for your food to arrive to your table! The portion is relatively sufficient for one but you can opt to have their scrumptious and tantalising sides if you have room for it or even their Chinese influences desserts which surely will give you the harmonious balance of Chi.. The broth is really flavourful yet warming that it goes well with the MiXian noodles and the pork wonton are delicious with the right amount of juicy meat wrapped with that thin skin of wonton..


It has a pistachio nuts being in the roulade that has a relatively moist interior and crispy exterior.. This pork roulade will go well with a Kamptal Gruner Veltliner #afoodiesaffairs #austrianwines #winepairing #yutkee #burpple

Sky Avenue has this place which features those feisty creatures under the sea and it is just super yummy when you cook it right! Well it’s the Burger & Lobster of course! This place is truly a magnet for locals and tourist alike to make it a must visit destination in their books.. The line just never ends so please be prepared to wait patiently for those crustaceans for at least 45minutes to 1 hour.. Their menu is really made up just burgers and lobsters with the burgers featuring both the lobster and meat burger like the B&L and the Mayfair and also their main attractions which is the Lobsters! You can actually choose the cooking method of steamed or grilled and it’s preferably to share if you aren’t a big eater.. There is something special called the Big Boys which are a huge version of their fellow ordinary size friends but with a hefty price tag and it’s truly recommended to share! This time I opted for their Original Lobster Roll (RM138) which is basically lobster meats poached and seasoned with Japanese mayo and cilantro enclosed to a toasted brioche bun but bare in mind that the meat is served chilled so please request if you want it warm up.. Overall, the lobster roll was nice; the meat is well cooked and seasoned but the drawback was the thickness and heaviness of the Japanese mayo was too overpowering to the light and refreshing lobster meats that it sort of drown it alittle..

If you ever have that strong love for cheeses or even fantasise about bathing in a bathtub of melted cheese, then you should give this place a visit! Say Cheese Cafe is your answer to your dream & continuously professing your undying love of this gooey yet pleasurable dairy product! They have 2 outlets but the latest addition is the one in Bukit Jalil which is a great place to have a birthday party.. So they have a sumptuous menu variety of dishes that you can have additional portions of melted cheeses known as the cheese lava(RM7). So we decided to tried out the BBQ Premium Pork Chop (RM48) which is one of their best sellers and the portion is meant for sharing! You can opt for an additional helping of cheese which we opted for Cheese Lava.. There is actually a show stopping presentation for this dish that mainly involves torching the melted cheese and also caramelising the decadent and rich layer of pork fats which helps greatly towards the cheese as the it is really rich and slight salty but the charred on the pork chop has melted the fats and made it taste like a naughtier version of the marshmallows alongside the thick and gooey coating of cheese!

Quaint little cafe in the row of street in Bangsar there lies a cafe that has been reborn from Drinc to the new cafe called as Lisette.. It revived to something more relaxing, comforting and cooling. The food menu has also been revamped to cater more delicious and healthy options for everyone including vegan diet. I had their Tricolore salad which is one of the healthier options that consists of 3 of my favourite things! The dish consist of the creamy yet firm burratta cheese accompanied by an acidic yet refreshing slices of tomato and finally topped off with a rich and creamy avocado slices that is dressed with earthy and nutty basil pesto! It is a very refreshing salad to eat on a hot summers day with a cool glass of Pinot Grigio!

To find a delicious, fresh and affordably priced Chinese seafood restaurant is never an easy feat especially in KL! But thankfully we found a new place to hangout for a late night supper that host an amazing array of seafood dishes and also you can choose your seafood alive too! In the heart of KL, Pudu to be exact; there is a restaurant known as Restaurant New Kai Seng Seafood that opens till late night and is a great place for a family dinner with no nonsense menu that provides simple yet hearty delicious from local favourites pork ribs to steamed fish in teochew style! So we were feeling the Lala vibe (clams) and they answered our prayer with the Lala in Superiour soup ( RM25).. The portion of the Lala is truly generous and the soup has an amazing flavour profiles of spicy yet sour notes alongside the splash of Chinese wine that is a classic pairing with the clams! The clams was perfectly steamed and the soup was a crowning glory to a simplistic meal eaten with that white fluffy rice!

Korean BBQ has always been that iconic meal featured in the K Drama which shows the stars enjoying that perfectly cooked meat with fat melting so seductively or the crispy skin exterior from that slab of meat is the part that you’re most excited for! Recently, there is a new Korean BBQ concept which marries together the 2 ingredients which is an everlasting pairing of flavours and that is Apple & Pork! Yes, that’s right it’s Apple Samgyupsal! They have 3 locations to choose from but the one that opens till late is in Taman Desa.. We ordered the Apple Platter (RM88) that includes 120g of Apple Samgyupsal, 120g Apple Moksal, 120g Apple Hanjungsal, apple wrap( slices of apple), sausage and apple salad with other accompaniments which is free flow.. It’s always great fun to watch the cooking process been done for you and the servers are really attentive with taking extra care in wrapping the apple wraps with your preferred cut of meat and with its special sauce on top of it! It truly helps to exemplify your eating experience! Truly worth it! The pork was perfectly cooked till tender with a crispy exterior and the fattiness of it help to balance the sweetness and the crunchy acidic onions that is wrapped around it! The platter is great for 2 person to share! You can also order other sides to add on if you still have space for it! Not to miss is their signature drink; Apple Magoli!


Where in the city centre whereby you can experience dining alone and also dining together with another person? Well that answer is Aori Ramen! It’s actually a concept which is quite similar in concept to the famous ramen place in Japan; Ichiran! This place is opened quite long ago but when it was newly opened the reception was massive with endless queues that could stretch on for days! Finally, I had the chance to try out and the service was quite prompt but it lacks the Japanese warm yet noisy welcome you would usually get! Then the seating was just packed and they didn’t really give the feeling of having it alone.. The menu was really straightforward but rather steep for its price.. I had the Don Kotz Ramen with 5 toppings (RM35) that has a rather small portion and the chashu pork slice wasn’t really generous.. The noodles was rather mediocre and the broth was quite clear and simple to me; it wasn’t very flavourful or in depth with enormous porky flavour..

Salon du chocolate is the latest addition to the evergrowing chocolate scene that first to open in publika! This place has always been on my radar when it comes to chocolate enjoyment as they boast to have an amazing selection of chocolate choices which you can have as a fondue or in their fantastic dessert creations.. The ambience is really relaxing with comfy furniture and a warm service from their friendly servers.. I had their Salon tart (RM19) which is a tart filled with layers of white and milk chocolate and surrounded with juicy and ripe strawberries! The tart has a very hard outer shell which is just too hard to eat let alone cut.. Then the combination of chocolates doesn’t do much to the overall tart enjoyment as it just gave a very weird taste combination.. overall eating experience was rather disappointing


How does happiness manifest to you? Well happiness manifest itself in the form of a bowl of hot yet warming bowl of minced beef noodles with a side of sliced beef soup! The best place to have such a humble bowl of noodle is located in KL town called Soong Kee and it is quite noticeable and a household name for all KL-ites as this is the place to be to enjoy that bouncy noodle of minced beef and the perfectly cooked beef strips but you can opt for the beef ball instead if you aren’t a fan of the strips..

"Elegance is inferior to virtue."- Mary Shelley
The Western Australia has always been blessed with incredible Maritime climate and weather along with it's picturesque views of the ocean that makes it the ideal place to craft a Bordeaux Blend varietal wines!
The Bartondale Cabernet Sauvignon is a rare find in it's style as the winemaker of Churchview took the inspiration from the famous Bordeaux Blend which is the most sought after style as its gives the wine a full bodied finish alongside some medium range acidity accompanied by the dark chocolates and dark fruits be it ripe and juicy or sun dried and intense and with time in the barrel aging will help the wine to evolve into a wine that is bursting with elegance, roasted coffee aromas, violet, leathery notes and sweet baking spices! It's a fantastic wine to go along with roasts or red meats! #afoodiesaffair #sommelier #australianwines #margaretriverwine #bordeauxblend #burpple

Japanese cuisine never cease to amaze you as it always educates you on their regional cuisine that not only reserves to Sushi, sashimi or teppanyaki! In one of the restaurants located on the 4th floor of the Isetan Japan Store in Lot 10, there lies a yakitori restaurant which specialize all those quaint little gems of the Japanese cuisine which is truly rare to find in KL! So in this restaurant, I had the pleasure in trying out their specialty; Unagi and egg rice (RM50) with a side of soup.. it may seem very simple but there is a method to enjoy this little bowl of unagi. First you have to separate a portion of the rice alongside a piece of unagi with a piece of the egg blanket and then you pour a portion of the soup into the bowl which contains the mentioned components.. from there you can start enjoying it, the style of enjoying it does sounds familiar to a Ochazuke style but Ochazuke is mainly the tea broth is steeped into the bowl of rice without individually portioning it.. Surprisingly, the soup goes well with the sticky sweet and salty unagi together with the blanket texture of the umami egg!

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