Yes. You read the price right. I'd say it's still worth it because it's a huge slice, it's the best pear cake I can imagine, and the experience is something else.

Food: the pears were soft and very thinly layered, with batter between the layers. To me the difficulty in a pear dessert is to complement the pear flavour, while not overwhelming it. Pear isn't very strong, unlike say a mango or passion fruit, so it's difficult to balance but they did it superbly with a caramel at the bottom. There's also a nice roasted aroma from the caramelised base layer of cake. I feel this is as good a pear cake can be, simply because of the challenge of making pear the main ingredient in a dessert

Everything else: that's really what made the whole meal. A week ago I begged them to make a pear cake for me on that day(it's usually only consistently available on a Thursday), and on the day itself the lady head chef made it for me personally. On top of that, they surprised me with a bday song, sang by the whole team along with a wind instrument. Pretty dope. Just as I was about to leave, the lady head chef gifted me another slice of that wonderful cake. Damn, they really made the experience special <3