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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

First of all really glad that theres no markup whatsoever despite this outlet being in sentosa

The MSW paste was really on point, as it was fragrant and sweet enough without being overwhelming. Goes rlly well with the slight savouriness of the Cheese And the salty crust too. The crust itself was so airy and quite crispy too. Overall it's v lovable, and if this is the standard of their crust i wont mind trying their usual savoury offerings for sure

P. S. Though to claim you're "authentic" when selling MSW Pizza... No matter how good it is lol. Probably referring to the crust

Take note eatigo 40% off is applied on the nett price, svc is still calculated on the full price

Cake was fudgy and overall not bad, though the lava was too sweet

Done right (without cream). Really well seasoned, bacon was savoury, and really creamy too(pretty impressive tbh if theres no cream added). Some places taste nowhere as creamy when they actl add cream lol

Delicious and despite the generous serving, i polished off the bowl quickly

Btw they are on eatigo as well, 40% off most of the time lol

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Gosh they rlly have no chill with the Cheese at this place. According to the waiter, unless i heard wrongly, it's parm, pecorino, swiss and gorgonzola. Very Thin crust which was crispy that i love, but the gorgonzola cheese was puke-inducing funky. After being taunted to finish a large piece of it in 1 bite, for quite a while i was really thinking of running to the toilet in case im gonna vomit. Probably get the burrata Pizza instead if you're not sure you can handle it, but otherwise it's a decent pizza without the gorgonzola

Probably misunderstood someone else's review, but there is cream in this dish, affirmed by both waiting staff. However, it's true that this is much sharper than most Carbonara I've had, and definitely there wasnt a lot of cream used to round out the flavours. It was ok to me, but i guess not everyone will be used to the sharp flavours

Im gonna say it. As of 2025 reviews, this is the best pizza Ive had.

Crust was astounding as it was crispy and light, as well as well charred all around, particularly at the Base of the pizza. Burrata tasted really fresh and so creamy, given that it was served slightly chilled on the hot pizza. Each component was amazing and the gestalt was outstanding. Burrata portion was really generous too

P. S. It's been a while since i burnt my tongue and this is the reason why

P.P.S. Chef has 20years of experience in italian cuisine and it really shows. Not everyone can appreciate though, some people need meat on their pizza haha

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Prawns were really big and of high quality, but slightly mushy and lacking in smokiness. Garlic Herb was lacking and the balsamic vinegar doesnt rlly pair well with the prawns


Chicken Breast was rather tender and juicy, but take note that the Cheese smells funky so it's not for everyone. Tomato sauce was average


Porcini, sun dried tomato, mozz, rucola.

Quite a savoury topping due to the mozzerella and Porcini, but the crust was Thin so it became soggy and couldnt hold it's shape. Still tastes quite good tho

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Seafood was cooked well, but tomato sauce was only decent, still lacking a bit of punch for me as it was slighty watery

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Rather airy and crunchy, if a little bit hard.

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This was quite a stunner. The pumpkin pasta had such a clean tasting sweetness inside, contrasted with the predominantly sweet sauce with just a hint of savouriness. Damn good if youre ok with a main that has no meat. It's quite jelak thats why the 8 pieces is actl filling enough

Would travel for food

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