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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Yes. You read the price right. I'd say it's still worth it because it's a huge slice, it's the best pear cake I can imagine, and the experience is something else.

Food: the pears were soft and very thinly layered, with batter between the layers. To me the difficulty in a pear dessert is to complement the pear flavour, while not overwhelming it. Pear isn't very strong, unlike say a mango or passion fruit, so it's difficult to balance but they did it superbly with a caramel at the bottom. There's also a nice roasted aroma from the caramelised base layer of cake. I feel this is as good a pear cake can be, simply because of the challenge of making pear the main ingredient in a dessert

Everything else: that's really what made the whole meal. A week ago I begged them to make a pear cake for me on that day(it's usually only consistently available on a Thursday), and on the day itself the lady head chef made it for me personally. On top of that, they surprised me with a bday song, sang by the whole team along with a wind instrument. Pretty dope. Just as I was about to leave, the lady head chef gifted me another slice of that wonderful cake. Damn, they really made the experience special <3

It's a very thin layer but gao enough to be filling. Tomato seafood base, rice was softly chewy, but the element that pushes it over the top is the lardo, which they import from Italy. It has such an intense porky umami, the fragrance is special as well. Combined with the squid ink risotto to form a bitter aftertaste tho, would be good on bread or sth

Some say they have the best focaccia. Best is abit of a stretch but I gotta say it's very solid. The exterior has a strong crunch(in fact the crunchiest focaccia I've had), being baked before it is served

What sets it apart might be the accompaniment though. The extra virgin olive oil is the best I've had so far. You can almost taste "green" haha. The pork salumi was piquant and tangy, and the olive oil smoothes it over. It's really something

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Taste like kinder Bueno but not as good. Very promising ingredient list but execution was barely passable. Mainly it's just an ice cream lol, would u pay 14 for an ice cream? Unfortunately this is their only proper dessert, if it's proper at all

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The crust was soggy after 1min. Not a big deal, it's not the disgusting kind of soggy, just kind of lost its crisp. At least the circumference remained crispy, possibly because of the cheese and the filling

Inside was quite tasteless, it's just ricotta mainly. The crushed tomatoes sauce is what lifts up the entire dish, that was superb. Nice balance of fruitiness, tanginess and sweetness. We were spreading it on the other pizza's crust(cos they were tasteless)

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The crust for their pizzas are rather hard. I mean it's crispy but when there's no sauce, and there's no flavour in the crust itself, it gets rather boring to chew when you hit the end of the pizza with no toppings. It's also rather tiring because of the structural integrity. Basically, not for everyone. Come only if you're into authentic Italian probably? I rmb the breads and stuff over there were all pretty hard. Personally I much prefer Lino's rendition, and I believe unless you're very experienced w Italian cuisine most Singaporeans should prefer the softer, but still crispy crust of lino as well

White base is stronger, but not too much also. Have a feeling their toppings are all mild so you get to taste the crust, which is fine and all if your crust is flavourful but in my naive opinion I feel this store's crust lack flavour.

The flavours were good, sweet onions w pork sausage and cheese. I imagine I will enjoy them v much if there's a lot more of it

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PSA 1$ for unlimited jug of water, that's pretty reasonable. 1$ for dabao box. There's a 3++ add on if your burpple beyond item exceeds UP24

The blue cheese was not that strong, but does have a little bit of funk. Quite unexpected, I didn't notice it on the ingredients list. Base is very mild, there's only a thin layer of sauce. Pickled chili's were v mild too. Overall only the Parma ham and the balsamic vinegar come thru, the rest were just hints. It's okay...


absolutely delicious. Think I got the edge because part of it didn't have the pistachio ganache? Layer that was intense

The rest of the tiramisu was q light, so overall it worked well. Don't leave without trying this dessert


Generous amount of ingredient, there's q a bit of meat. Pretty good execution, but very jelat. Get it to share


PSA There's this sharp ringing noise. Very high pitched, apparently many people can't hear it. If you're younger just take note, it really affects the enjoyment of the meal here

This is what I'm talking about. Thanks Sean for insisting that I return

Now I understand the hype. Crackling skin, juicy meat with aroma of fennel coming through. Still don't like the mustard though.

Nonetheless, given their previous plate, I would think this place doesn't have good consistency.

Rant:communication was tough. Told them 1130 ready to serve and they said ok. Reached at 1140 and they said ok we will start preparing now. What's the point of ordering in advance if you wait for me to come before even starting to prepare. The wait staff was nice about it tho, tried to explain how it's more important the food is hot etc


Pecan pie is my favourite pie and this one was not bad too. Theres a grainy texture to the filling, which not everyone will enjoy but I found it good enough. If you like pecan pies this wouldn't disappoint, else can try something else

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If wasn't flowy by any means but the flavour was sublime. Somehow it's 150% times the impact of normal good cheesecakes, without even being flowy. Really hard to describe what's different about it, but just get this. You won't regret it


Would travel for food

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