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Featuring Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan), SONS, Mad For Garlic, La Nonna (Holland Village), Burlamacco Ristorante, Bella Pasta, PocoLoco - Microbrewery, Otto's Deli Fresh, Peperoni Pizzeria (Zion), Gemmills
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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Not on the menu anymore, you have to ask for it(the burrata pizza is the different beast altogether with parmesan and rocket). And even then the presentation is with spreaded out burrata(so request for the full ball). Honestly it's much much easier if you let them spread it out for you but there's a certain je ne sais quoi about a round ball of cheese.

The burrata itself was soft and stretchy but lacks in taste. The pizza however, really impresses with how much flavour can come from such seemingly simple ingredients. Utterly delicious

Definitely the best meat sauce I've had in a long while. While the pasta is on the softer side, the sauce was full of beefy umami. Extremely satisfactory and reasonably priced as well


Good job on the crust as I usually detest thick crusts but this one was soft enough and the toppings made it moist enough

Not really cheesy but definitely satisfies cravings, esp with some flavour from the tomato paste

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Turkey bacon, mushroom, marinara base and a molten egg in the middle makes for an extremely umami pizza. Nice pizza crust that made me believe it was from a wood fired oven lol. This is the recommended pizza and for good reason!


Biscuit and dried fruits in chocolate. The biscuits weren't too crunchy, and the fruits weren't too sharp, but precisely because of that it tastes like a nice chocolate with slight variation in texture and a nice muted acidity. Not too bad


Super, super soft. Quite unlike most versions I've tasted, this one just disappears in your mouth and is so intense in flavour. Does taste like ice cream since it's very milky and the vanilla aroma is strong as well, but in the best way.


Hard sugar top and soft custard. Nuff said

P.s. some places may overdo the top till it becomes slightly burnt in the middle but this was perfect and not burnt at all despite it being so crunchy

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Ricotta, mascarpone, pistachios. Since the shells were fried I didn't eat them but my friends mentioned it tastes like cereal so it must be quite pleasant. The combination of mascarpone and ricotta was as improvement over the usual ricotta though as it became more creamy and moist

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Unique texture with a crunchy, almost hard outer shell and a cake-like consistency inside. Prefer a fudgy brownie but liked this version quite a lot as well

Price hike from last time but still it's a fantastic choice to try a little of everything since the execution of these desserts were all super on point

Quite liked the sauce with bits of salmon yet didn't taste too fishy. Gnocchi was the absolute bomb though. I usually prefer the slightly chewy texture but this pillowy soft version satisfies as well. Won't say it's value for money but the texture is exquisite

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There's a classic carbonara made with beef pancetta and Roman pecorino instead of turkey bacon so be sure not to get confused between the two.

Really creamy sauce that has a lovable slightly sticky texture. Turkey bacon added bursts of umami but usual bacon would have probably fared better. Seasoning was on the lighter side but overall still an extremely decent pasta just based on the consistency of the sauce

P.S. OneKM is called KINEX now so don't be alarmed by the Google maps location

Would travel for food

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