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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Utterly delicious. The dough was on point, with a complexity and body of its own. Salted as well. Toppings of mushroom, runny egg, fior di latte etc were all so feel-good. A must-try for sure! So incredibly satisfying

P.S. it's a juicy pizza so the dont wait or else the crispy dough slowly gets soggy. Use the crust to mop up the juices!

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I learnt that the place is pronounced (chi-ke-ti) lol

The octopus was abit too meaty, not quite as tender as I expected. Lacks crisp and char as well. Fregola pasta was avg, doesn't rlly add anything to the dish. Salsa was too little to matter, but I liked the tzatziki. Most importantly, it's vv expensive for this standard, and it's just a small tentacle

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Ginger taste was too strong for a date Pudding, and date taste wasnt there. The toffee sauce tasted mainly of chocolate too, dk if they added the wrong syrup. The biscuit crumbs were good though.

P. S. It's a one off thing hopefully, because this is actl q popular and the staff fight for the dessert at the end of the day haha

Sous vide at 60+ degree, it looks medium well but when u put it into your mouth you know it's not over cooked at all. So bloody soft and there's a bit of gooey texture as well from the rendered down fats and connective Tissue. The meat itself was incredible but paired with the super thick sauce, that's new territory. I believe it's spiced, or maybe the wine itself was so complex but wow this dish is a must try. Sauce was too strong on its own but with the meat, the sweetness goes superbly well

Burrata by itself only comes with tomato. The Parma Ham adds a whole lot of saltiness and savouriness which was q generous in portion too. Pretty good burrata, we didnt even intend on ordering it at first but we saw plates of it being carried around and it looked so damn good

Pretty decent plate, but objectively on the pricey Side. Pappardelle texture was abit soft, but still got some bite as well.

How time flies. My first time at this new location, and the last time i was here i didnt even know this was Focaccia lol. Theirs is very crispy, almost 1/3 of the way into the centre from both sides, thus it's actl closer to a bread stick than a bread. Pretty good nonetheless, in fact even better than i rmbed(cos i came early for dinner this time, probably havent been left out as long)

Apparently theres no choice for the stuffing when the previous reviews all wrote about another stuffing. This was truffle oil and mushroom sauce, and the filling wasnt generous. Didnt eat it immediately so I'll give it the benefit of doubt, seemed crispy enough when i poked it immediately after getting it to takeaway. Doesnt rlly change my opinion of the restaurant though

Baked dory w potatoes. There's this slight fishiness, and portion wasnt v the most generous either. Most imptly, doesnt deserve to be anywhere near 40bucks(it's a small container, the cup Behind was a small plastic cup lol for size comparison)

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Dont rlly understand what the fuss was about, though im more inclined to believe that the standard has dropped. Taste just like normal Shao Rou(in fact a little more dry), fennel stuffing wasnt anything special, and skin was moderately crispy.

Rlly expected quite a lot from this restaurant considering this place and acqua e farina are the only raveworthy proper italian restaurants in the west. Now that I've tasted it im guessing its hype is only due to the rarity of italian restaurants in the west? Much better to head to town for good italian food. Hopefully acqua e farina fares much better


Someone ordered this at the recommendation of the waiter. None of them could explain properly what it is tho, be it because of accent or they dk themselves or they trying to dumb it down for us. At one point they even called the pasta "Noodles", idk is if it's cos he thinks we havent had italian food before.

Havent seen this particular sort of pasta before, but it was rlly hard, like undercooked hard. However, given that we dont know what it is since the waiters couldnt Tell us, it's unfair to judge the texture as it very well could be meant to be served at this doneness.

Very strong truffle smell from the truffle oil, otherwise the pork sausage, mushroom and pecorino? wasnt bad but wasnt special either.

Unless you absolutely know what you're getting into, for 30plus it's rlly too much

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More like topping on a foccacia though, not so much a pizza. I guess thats why some people call it bread lol. Crispy and pretty good, i was surprised we got to choose 2 different toppings. Here's cooked ham and mozz for one half, and capers, mozz, olives, anchovies and tomatoes for the other

Would travel for food

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