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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The base of chicken stock and the sweetness of the crab flavour makes this the best crab stock I've had for a risotto, or in fact maybe ever. Most crab stocks are pathetically weak or fishy

Some of the grains is a tad undercooked in the middle, however the stock carries and this is still amazing.

The fishiness of the average quality roe doesn't help, but the fried onion things do

Must try, I srsly can't recall another good crab stock

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It's ok but tastes damn mild, despite the fiery colour.

Not recommended if you're expecting something strong, as you should from nduja, and this was hardly spicy at all

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The crust isn't crispy but otherwise stellar

The burrata was good, the tomatoes could have been abit smaller and they needed more balsamic. Crust was otherwise quite good sia the bite is great and it's a tad spongy but holds the toppings well without being soggy

And the star was the prosciutto. It comes through very prominently because of the quality, but not overly salty and balances well w the other ingredients

Very, very good

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Pretty textbook lasagna, the tomato and cheese both weren't too strong and nothing in particular was lacking, just comfort food


A good pork chop. It's got nice texture(that bouncy juiciness when you have fats mixed w muscle near the bone), abit too fatty but the roasted pork flavour was solid.

No sauce but the veggies were cooked well

A good pork chop that's worth a try

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Crust was perfect as ever but while the speck was nice, it doesn't compare to the charred salami. And the walnuts were dumb cos it doesn't adhere to the pizza at all it just keeps falling off

Big tiger prawns, flash fried for texture

White wine sauce was alright but not v strong and no seafood umami. Pasta was a little undercooked? It had quite a bit of bite

Big beef ball that's slightly sticky, it's okay.. but nothing too spectacular

Tomato sauce was fine

Still very meh, needs more crisp

PSA they updated their menu and REMOVED their pizzas. Average pasta so really, given how ulu it is, there's no reason to visit

Ckn and honestly quite flat as well

Prawns were meaty, not crystal and there's a slight brininess in the cream sauce. But the sauce was otherwise somewhat flat, not particularly good

Homemade but too dense, and portion is way too huge for 2 pax.

Balsamic was quality though, very intense. Olive oil wasn't anywhere near as strong

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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