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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Srsly? 5 bucks for a slice of basque burnt cheesecake?

Yeah it's tiny but honestly I'm in love w miniature desserts. Get to try without having to compensate on the treadmill

Pretty dang good, it's just slightly denser than the cloud-like ones. While I appreciate the texture, I was floored by the flavour. Couldn't believe how intense it was, esp after they told me it's just cream cheese inside. MUST TRY!

PSA water is chargeable at 0.5++, okay lah forgive them since the price is alr q affordable

There's a lot going on, from the butter to the parm and the cashew sauce(pretty good, gives the dish creaminess). However the butter overpowers the sweetness of the pumpkin. Felt it was a bit haphazard right now, but could be stunning if the butter and the pumpkin were adjusted. I see great potential :D

Btw the portion is decent despite the 6 pieces, it's v rich from the butter and the cashew sauce


Do ask for extra tomato pesto as the ratio would be more appropriate (since the tomato pesto isn't too strong). Adds a nice complexity to every bite of the burrata which wasn't too liquid in the centre, and the tomato at the bottom was super juicy too. Hidden below everything else is the pesto, making this a particularly enjoyable burrata.

Foccacia was nicely toasted too. Nothing to fault, so highly recommended!

For a very happy ending to @linopastabar lavish lunch set menu, the bread butter pudding with vanilla sauce is a compelling choice. Yes, it’s not very Italian and is quite decidedly English, but Lino still does a stellar job of it.⠀

The top exterior of the pudding is charmingly crusty & crunchy, whilst the insides were a moist, wobbly and slightly gooey mess of deliciousness. The pudding itself wasn’t particularly sweet, instead bearing a delightful eggy fragrance, almost like a custard. The sharp contrast in texture was utterly enthralling, and I couldn’t stop till I got enough. Which was basically the whole pudding.⠀

The vanilla sauce provided much of the sweetness of the dessert, and the taste was equal parts milky & vanilla. That did make me wonder if it was just melted down ice cream, but I downed any thoughts I had with another bite of this piquant pudding.⠀

Just like Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back. To try the other options on the $22++ 3 course menu, of course.

Alas, everyone had an Achilles heel

The vanilla ice cream was good but the pudding could have been a bit more moist, creamy and sweeter. It's unacceptable for their standard to have a bitter top, with some burnt raisins.

If the raisins weren't burnt, it would have been an okay dessert. Let's hope this is a one-off


More tomato-ey and light than savoury, but no less umami, this was another delicious dish. Srsly, just get wtv has tomato in it. Beef short ribs were obviously tender, and pasta was decent too. Winner! To think I didn't want this at first, expecting another normal rendition...

Honestly I've had a few places with supposed heirloom tomatoes or Japanese incredibly expensive tomato or other Italian "premium" tomatoes but it's this place, without much advertisement about their tomatoes, that deliver the life-changing tomato sauce. A barking dog never bites is true in this case, don't need to say how good or how premium your tomatoes are. Customers can taste on their own


Truly, top 3 pizza I've had in my life.

LINO is an absolute gem. Tot this was just gonna be another decent Italian place but evidently I severely underestimated the Les Amis group

Their tomato sauce is utterly impressive. Very fruity and bright, it's leagues above your average tomato sauce. Dough was spectacular as well, extremely crispy around edges and super light as well.

Pair all of that w decent burrata and pesto and of course you've got a stunner.

Trust me, this place isn't an average Italian place. The only reason they're not packed is cos of the location, and thankfully so. Alr thinking about my next trip here


Actl not bad. The fruits coulis that coated the fruits had a candy-esque quality to it. The fruits sorbet was refreshing too. And the fruits themselves were of good quality.

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Probably worked better as a whole but I only had the mascarpone. There's this oiliness to it, and rather dense. Could see it working somehow w a v strong and damp sponge though

Olive oil gelato was nice as it wasn't too strong in olive oil. There's a lot of lava but the cake itself was spongy, would have preferred a bit of crispy. Nonetheless probably the best dessert avail for this brunch buffet

Average Panna cotta with blueberry sauce. Feel so decepted. The marinated pineapple and the crumbs were not bad tho.

Tiger prawns were cooked well but this can hardly be called an aglio olio. Theres a lot of butter and parm which makes it taste creamy. Nonetheless it was quite enjoyable, particularly with the muted heat from the chili flakes. If you must get a pasta for a buffet, this is probably the one to go for

Would travel for food

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