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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Creamy pesto sauce, trofie texture was on point, it's slightly harder than pasta but still very addictive. This is how the texture should be imo

Homely dishes, good execution at this place. However for such comfort food the price seems abit high after the price hike

Well executed, quite homely, thick sauce, but the portion was abit small

U get the unmistakable funk of gorgonzola but when you actually put it into your mouth, the funk isn't too strong at all. Otherwise the lovely umami of gorgonzola is perfectly infused into the cream. Portion is on the smaller side because it can get jelat, so it's definitely filling

This might be dish of the meal that pleasantly surprised me

The risotto didn't have much chew but there's some bite, it's quite different in texture from the usual. It's also very different in flavour, there's a seafood umami permeating the risotto and somehow you can taste the squid ink

Seafood were fresh and well cooked, shell and mix it in, else it's abit plain on its own

A solid version, justifies the price

Pretty good. The bread was of good texture and toasted well, and the tomatoes were rlly juicy and bright, kinda homely actl

Unless you have a sweet tooth, the lasagna should be universally appreciable. The same can't be said of the carbonara

There's no cream yes, and there's a lot of yolk. The sauce was extremely eggy but lacks an underlying umami. Paired w fresh egg pasta, the egginess got rather jelat and monotonous. The pancetta was extremely crispy and provided bursts of saltiness, but again it lacked savouriness.

There's no doubt this bowl is artisanal, however I doubt it's for everyone, particularly those who are used to having cream in their carbonara

Very different from the norm, and delicious. As you can tell there's no sauce, and there's no tomato between the sheets either.

Ragu was rlly pretty good, again it's good cos it's so different from the ubiquitous version. It's dark w no tomato sauce, and barely any sweetness.

Solid pasta paired w their savoury Ragu, punctuated with cheese and rosemary on top. Haven't had any like it and certainly not complaining

The cheese itself was good, the sourdough, while ostensibly baked, almost has a fried texture and it has too much chew. The accompanying elements wasn't tuned well either, even tho the same combination worked marvelously at cicheti.

However at this price point for this quality, I'm not complaining at all

No idea what's the original price but probably around 12+?

Total bill came up to 40 after gst

This was pretty decent, abit sweet tho. The molten core didn't flow v well but still ok

Overall it's abit pricey even w burpple, considering the quality. Passable but not impressive

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There's a top up of 3++ for the seafood ones

Take note that when you use burpple, even tho the second one is free, you still have to pay for the top-up for each if u choose seafood

But at least u can choose any main, except the meats or sth

This was much less impressive. Abit bland and lacking tomato taste. Pasta wasn't done well either,very soft


The seafood and tomato flavours were there, seafood as not bad. The rice grains has a chew in the middle tho it's abit unusual. Overall it's fine

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I would say this is not bad at all, there's no alcohol though. If there is a problem is that the coca powder is easy to choke on, better hold your breath when eating it and don't inhale when it's in your mouth

Would travel for food

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