6 Feb’18, Tue
Got my hands on these bak kwa...✌🏻

It’s time of the year and what’s CNY without bak kwa right or not~~~

Well, I wouldn’t expect bak kwa to be nice during CNY period for I think the stall would prepare the bak kwa in a hurry, resulting in poor quality control...

But I was wrong this year (at least for the ones I got), the bak kwa is tender and sweet, don’t worry abt the “pork smell”, there isn’t any, really like!🤤

Compare to Bee Cheng Hiang, I find LCG’s more tender and less sweet, better for the folks (牙口不好 沒問題)...😅

Compare to Fragrance (Xiang Wei), I prefer LCG’s for the “pork smell” is less noticeable or not noticeable at all...😋

Damage: $29 per 500g

Note: Super duper long queue this period, and do check out their FB page for updates of their stock, they went out of stock by noon that day...
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