Buffet is $35 per pax, not cheap but it's free flow😰their meat is well marinated, I personally think it's better than many places. Personally like the garlic pork and spicy chicken. Seafood selection has crayfish, prawns, clams, scallops etc, best to cook in soup to make the broth tastier and I will always add vermicelli, seasoned (fake) abalone slices, Chinese cabbage & mushrooms in the soup😍 End it with ice cream and my favourite is coconut flavour. Wonder where can I buy coconut ice cream, I can't find it in supermarts. I only found potong but I dislike the coconut bits. Anyone knows where I can buy coconut ice cream pints/popsicle? Go & try Ycube, only hope it can be cheaper🙏🏻😋