This new flavour/sauce supposedly is made using Szechuan peppers and cumin and other stuff but please. It was just the normal soy or spicy sauce with a BUTTLOAD of spiced powder on top. Would have still been okay if the powder was not just way too heavy with cumin. The cumin was just too heavy. It almost choked me.
If you don't know how to use cumin, don't experiment with it. It's supposed to be used sparingly. My tongue was starting to burn from the heat of the cumin, not from the spiciness. Could not even finish it in the end.
Luckily, it was the same price as the other flavours. Just stick to the original flavours, which are both wonderful.
$8.95 for a 6-pieces meal for Students! Students basically get $2 off any meals.
Normal price - $10.95

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