Dropped by the new Geylang Drip City fairly recently; a new cafe which had opened its doors along Geylang Road — also the very first that operates within the neighbourhood, which makes it a really interesting destination given how the location seemingly lacks hipster options in general despite its status of being a foodie’s haven.

Having had brunch earlier at two other locations, we decided to simply opt for a dessert item here to go along with our cuppa. The Cocoa Butter Kisses is an item listed in the “ Sweet Life” section of the menu; described as a “chocolate pudding in a can”. Whilst sounding rather simple, the Cocoa Butter Kisses did not fail to impress with its chocolatey notes — rich, luscious and smooth, the chocolate pudding was dense and creamy, but with a strong note of cocoa whilst being adequately sweetened. Liked how decadent the pudding was; all that without causing the throat to heat up — some pretty quality chocolate that is used here. There is also attention to detail right there for the dessert; the sea salt flakes sprinkled atop cuts through the chocolate pudding with a slight hint of saltish-ness which also provided some contrast, while chocolate shavings are included just to provide some aesthetic to the otherwise plain pudding.

Geylang Drip City is also a space pretty focused on coffee education — the baristas are more than happy to provide their patrons with information of the coffee beans they use, from where the beans are sourced, their flavour profile, and the roasting process of the beans; all that only possible with passion and enthusiasm for the craft. Geylang isn’t quite the neighbourhood known for specialty coffee given how it has always lacked such options despite the third-wave coffee movement having spread throughout almost all parts of the island by now, but Geylang Drip City is a destination for coffee lovers and enthusiasts alike for a well-pulled cuppa and well-executed filter coffees, whilst offering a limited hot food menu and dessert menu to go along.