2.88++ per 100
Mala soup base with spicy level medium probably is good for most ppl, just get your nose watering but can still continue without stopping

I quite like the soup base(there's quite a bit of msg though), it's not very mala per se in that there isn't much oil, rather it's a thin soup base with numbness and heat from powder. Very drinkable if you don't worry about MSG, I almost finished my huge bowl. There's a simultaneous tingling from the peppercorns and drying from msg which creates an interesting sensation lol

Definitely whack their beef, their beef is pretty high quality for this price, you can tell from the marbling.

Pork belly was very tough, not recommended.

Baby cabbage was absolutely on point, its so sweet

Tofu skin was okay, lotus root was very good, it retains the crunch and sweetness

Pass on their mushrooms, it wasnt v good.

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