Baristart's cream puffs are one of our favourite! 😁 The choux exterior was crusty and we love the crunch on the outside! On the other hand, the inside was filled with a very light cream made from Hokkaido biei milk! While we could taste the milk in the cream, the flavour wasn't rich to the extent where we would feel satiated from it. Although the cream puff costs $6, it is actually rather big and you may want to share it with someone else so that you won't get overly full from it!

The Baristart Coffee outlet on Sentosa is pretty small and you have to walk around 10 minutes from the Beach Station monorail to get to it. Alternatively, you can take the Beach Station Tram for around 2 or 3 stops but it is usually impossible to get onto the trams on weekends. 😰 Don't expect to find a seat easily at Baristart Coffee as the Sentosa outlet is also very popular!