Have eaten 3 fish head steamboat so far, this has been the least liked. 6/10. With the channel 8 advertisement and thought we could expect more.

1. Unripe tomatoes
Perhaps if you like your soup slightly sour this may be for you. It has unripe tomatoes in its base.
2. Charcoal hardly existed
Very little charcoal, no charcoal smell or taste in the soup, it seemed to have been placed for the sake of calling it a charcoal steamboat.
3. Overcooked fish
This had the worst texture because it was overcooked and when you've eaten enough fish you'd know from the moment your fangs sink in.
4. Not heartening for veggie lovers
It seemed more of a dumping ground then a brilliant wholehearted creation.
Overall, if you come with expectations because this place has good reviews you'd be gravely disappointed. But if you stayed nearby and just came by while really hungry this would be -ok-

Worst sweet potato leaves I've had in the world. China did it better. Taipei did it better. Khatib has one of the best I've tried. Even whampoa fish head steamboat (in previous post) had better sweet potato leaves. The pour plant was pained and finally died unappreciated. 1/10

Hot plate tou fu was not bad but more of a Malay and Chinese fusion cuisine. Not my favourite. 6/10

Total price of all dishes: S$48
(Cheapest in dollars but most costly because of wasted calories)