Assorted List Of Food #my Journey

Assorted List Of Food #my Journey

Well, basically I'm a food lover I am creating a list from hawker, to restaurant, to fine dining & to overseas food & lifestyle. #follow me
Sure Cia
Sure Cia

I dont find it spicy at all. Feel free to challenge the WTF hall of fame title. Price is slight steep paid for 2 pax about $14bucks with small portion. Varities: 3/10 price: 3/10 ambience: 5/10

If you have tried JB ah piaw beside the small lok lok van. Dont bother to try here. The only thing surprise me is the sesame sauce is good. The rest fail in my opinion. Pricing what you see is what you get I pay $10.80. Sugar cane : $3.50. But I dont feel satisfied with the quality of food, varieties, chilli, and the timing to fried the mushroom. So I wont bother to list out the/10 thingy. Cheers! #honestfeedback

I always love isteak on lamb T bone only. Go for the most premium if not dont bother add on unnecessary calories. Pricing: 2pax average $50-$65 ambience: 7/10 varieties: 7/10 customer service: 7/10

One of my fav place to eat. Only go for the premium choice is much more worth it as you guys can see the meat quality given #premium buffet include all meat, drinks, dessert, vegs ( big eater please just wack the premium beef/lamb/pork/prawn) is super worth it. Pricing: 8.9/10 ($97.20, 2pax) ambience: 5/10 ( abit squeezy) food/soup(mushroom is good) 7/10 varieties: 7/10.

Ambience: 7.5/10 (casual) pricing: 4.5/10 (2pax, oysters, fish & chip (snapper) nasi lemak. $110.80) taste: 4/10 varieties: 7.3/10

Truly I love the concept of this place. But I think that the food itself can be much more improvise.

I love the free flow of cook food, dessert,veg, meat. Ambience : 5/10 taste: 8.9/10 (overall) price: 6/10 ($60.95,2 pax) varieties: 7.8/10.

The taste overall is unexpectedly good as buffet style tend to be very eeww. But over here it surprised me totally. The crowd here keep flowing in nonstop. And yes if you are meat eater I will recommend you to come here wack all you want! Cheers!

I'm a big fan of pepper crab and chilli crab. In this case I feel the pepper crab here is nicer than the chilli crab so far in my opinion. 2 pax small eater goes without rice. We order medium range size. Pepper crab : 8.9/10 chilli crab : 6.5/10 veg : 8.9/10 ambience: 8.5/10 price : I spent about $117 total exclude 2 milo bing. I will put it as more affordable comparing to house of seafood or no signboard 7.5/10 #overall is good in my opinion. I will be bringing my friends and my family here to eat more often

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We bought L size fish head curry &chicken masala ( 5 of us total) +lamb masala + fried fish masala the portion is too much I recommend 5 people take S fish head curry size and chicken S size also. You will save about 15bucks. We pay about 120 total include 5 drinks. Ambience : 7/10 pricing : 6.5/10 variety: 8.5/10 taste : 8.5 /10

Lychee grill mala fish soup is always one of our group fav especially on raining day ambience 7/0 , we order alot of side dishes as you can see from picture + man tou + la zi chi ( yet to serve in this picture) price: $120. I'm a regular here so using wechat I have 10% off total paid $109.80. Taste : 8/10 , variety of food : 10/10. Suitable to eat as a group kind.

Malay rice always been my all time favourite as I love spicy food. I love the messy of the gravy all over my rice, love the chilli spicy goes with my rice the taste w chicken, fishcake and the sweetness of tofu with long bean. This is always the place I will come to in yishun. Is been around more than a decades owned by a malay family currently I believe on 3rd generation . Price: $7.50 ambiemce: 2/10 food taste: 8/10 variety to choose 6.5/10. My all time fav is ayam merang (I hope I spell right). Remember ask for balacen chilli ( I hope I spell it right)

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Overrated. Standard drop badly. Ambience is 6/10, price : 7/10 (6.70), taste:4/10 (light fragrance perhaps I prefer much more tasty flavour style) overall: 4.5/10

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Ambience :3/10 , bkt + liver :8/10 soup : 8/10 pricing : 8.70 total damages. What you see is what you get. Soup is sweet and thick. Worth the trip. Wasteful mainly not shiok enough as they dont practice top up free soup like many other places.

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