One of my go-to places for family dinners, especially when their famous dish is the Crab Bee Hoon, that is so good for sharing. Iโ€™ve been here many times for their Crab Bee Hoon, and the quality has been pretty consistent. Crab pricing is always seasonal, and curated to your group size or according to what you tell them. You can opt for more bee hoon as well if your group is feeling hungrier! So itโ€™s pretty customisable according to your own liking. I always leave here impressed because the crabs are always fresh โ€” with a tinge of sweetness that goes really well with the Bee Hoon. Apart from the crab, the Bee Hoon and broth is also a key component to this wonderfully executed dish. The broth is fragrant, flavourful, slightly creamy, and the wok hei taste really comes through. Iโ€™ve been a fan and still am!