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Off the newly revamped menu at Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. Featuring Brioche French Toast, Salted Pear, Banana, Salted Caramel, Mozzarella, Candy Nut and Granola, this was a really decadent item that seemed more appropriate as a sweet treat than a breakfast item. The toast comes crisp with a slight sweetness that brioche usually comes with, while in between the slices of Brioche is the oozy, melted mozzarella for a stringy pull — a crowd pleaser there. It comes topped off with loads of salted caramel sauce, banana, candied nuts and some granola, each carrying their own notes of sweetness that provides varying contrasts of flavour, with the granola being almost identical to the banana nut crunch cereal that I absolutely love. Sitting right atop is the salted pear; essentially a poached pear that carries a light sweetness of the fruit. To be fair, there was not much of a French Toast element; the lack of egg-battered bread, and the inclusion of mozzarella in between felt like it was a remixed version of a sandwich — nothing wrong with that though, for how I still pretty much enjoyed it.