The salted caramel got nothing to do with nuts, why not just swop the honey pecans in?

The fudgey texture is rlly good and it's as rich as people say. The crust is a crumbly crunchy crust and it's delicious as well. The only problem is that it can get too much but they solve it by cutting the brownie into small squares. Good stuff and well deserved cockiness

Nutella was good, the chocolateyness works well and the hazelnut flavour is suppressed. I wonder if they mix Nutella with chocolate?

Macadamia was average. The macadamia doesn't come through

Their salted caramel is abit weird on its own, it doesn't mesh w the brownie either

Peanut butter was SUPERB. I like peanut butter so abit biased but their peanut butter is super intense and thick and the saltiness works v well w the brownie.