Came back for the Mapo Don simply because I was craving mapo tofu and I knew I has to return to get my fix. The tofu here is soft and silky, and is enveloped by the mapo sauce which is spicy and numbing. Previously I opted for level 2 spiciness and it was not the most ideal albeit being a spicy food lover, so I opted for level 1 this time and it was perfect. An optimal level of spiciness such that I could still enjoy my meal. I did realise that I wished there could be more minced meat in the sauce. I added an onsen egg just to see how it would work with this. For someone who usually never rejects an egg (unless plain hard boiled lol), I would probably not pay to add one to my Mapo Don here, for the simple reason that the egg is long gone once you mix it into the rice. As the textures of the onsen egg blends in with the tofu, and the overpowering mapo gravy overwhelms the rice, the onsen egg seems to disappear into oblivion. Not that the egg wasn’t well done, it looked pretty amazing to me — paying $1.50 just didn’t make any difference.

Purchased this with a Premium Set add on of $4.50, total paid $19.75 with GST.