Yet another fine addition to the burgeoning cafe scene in East Coast, @thebrewingground is situated in the far corner of The Yards, a sprawling compound in a quiet residential street housing a pottery workshop, gym and dance studios amongst other things. It's a little out of the way but well worth the trip.

Chilled out vibes in both the bright and airy interior and the outdoors seating area, though you'd probably want to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort because it can get pretty hot during the day.

What's also HOT af is their signature scrambled eggs, done in the viral tornado omelette style and swirled to a dreamy creaminess. Heft comes in the form of a mountain of sauteed crab meat and ikura, which add a smoky sweetness and saltiness respectively to what could have been a texturally pleasing but plain affair.

Taste: 4/5