Service at this restaurant struck me as really bad because the dessert was served first, even though it was evident that we were having a proper meal there having ordered a lot of main dishes. We all thought it was common sensical and normal enough for the staff to know that dessert should be served last. Nonetheless, if this sentiment is not established, I would’ve expected the staff to at least ask upon ordering if desserts should be served now or last. And we didn’t get such questions. So imagine the horror when the desserts were served first, when we expected ourselves to eat our mains first. What was horrible was that it didn’t make sense to the staff that their actions were kinda unorthodox, and instead of apologising they just said they were gonna put it in the fridge for us until it can be served. I don’t know how unsanitary it would be.. but I mean we didn’t want to push for anything else so we just accepted. But I felt like I didn’t like this idea, and the fact that everything just didn’t make sense to me.
Alas, when the dessert came some of the ice was melted and it wasn’t even nice at all. It was watery and tasteless.