Wok's That Smell ($32++)
Espolón Tequila • Sambal • Lap Cheong • Cointreau • Mezcal • Lime

Cue in timely cackles from a neighbouring table - bringing out the actual inner monologue of sheer delight that I had in my head... Because this smells so damn good.

Another one that tickled my fancy as much as my nosebuds. Think of wok hei enveloping your drinking experience in the form of smokey lap cheong. & if you're not sold on that alone, the drink is pretty complex & delicious too.

Crispy nibble on top was appreciated - "why so nice, I order food got free drink" 🤗

💳 Accepts credit cards
☀️ Al fresco seats only
🖥 Accepts reservations on Chope (I walked in, though)
💦 Water is not chargeable
📍 Inside the National Gallery: #06-01, facing the Padang